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“A much needed lifeline...takes parents on a step-by-step journey of transforming relationship with their adopted and foster children; a healing path not only for the children, but for the parents as well. This is a shift in thinking about parenting that can really make a difference in the peace and happiness within your own home. From Fear to Love, Parenting Difficult Adopted Children gives you the concrete tools and ideas to get you started.”

Carrie Kitze

Author, Adoptive Parent, Publisher- EMK Press
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*Choose retails for $24.99 plus S&H, but I’ve decided to GIVE you a copy! (Limit one per customer). All I ask is that you cover shipping & handling (just $7.95 anywhere in the USA). Your information remains private and will not be shared.
Introducing From Fear to Love:
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What every other professional has been telling you about your child that is most likely making your relationship worse…

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  • My simple understanding of the two primary emotions and how one is defining the life of both you and your child making a positive and meaningful relationship virtually impossible. You won't want to miss this. (page 1)…
  • ​This mom's son was pooping in his simple explanation gives parents hope when they are willing to change their paradigm. When I told her this she jumped with disbelief it was hard to believe (page 13)
  • Understanding how this part of your child's brain reacts to stress will empower you to see him differently… (page 22)
  • ​The one hormone response that is essential to your child being able to feel love and peace and how you can trigger it… (page 25)
  • The specific part of your child's memory system that you may be unwittingly negatively reinforcing based on how you communicate towards him. By not understanding this you may be actually prolonging his brain's ability to heal. (page 29)
  • ​Learn the one place you spend the most time with your child that has the greatest impact on your ability to help him heal (it's not in the therapist's office.)… (page 75) 
  •  My 3 step methodology for dealing with problem behaviors in a way that generates more communication and understanding. (page 79)
  •  Shift your parenting paradigm and finally understand once and for all why time-out is worse than you think and may be causing your child more harm than good… (page 81)
  •  And much MUCH more…
Here’s What People are 
Saying About Fear to Love:
“My foster parent training has taken a drastic turn away from the traditional approach towards the Stress Model. As a result, our foster home disruptions have decreased dramatically. From Fear to Love is a clear blueprint for understanding traumatized children and helping them truly heal. ”

Georgia Phillips

LCSW, Foster Home Coordinator-Virginia
“A remarkably compelling, practical, and much-needed book that should be read by all adoptive families. It goes to the core challenges faced by adopted children and offers parents the tools through a love-based approach to implement sustainable solutions.”

Rhonda Roorda

Adoption Best-Selling
 Author- In Their Voices Trilogy
“This should be standard equipment that comes with every adopted child! Post has successfully translated neuroscience into language that anyone can understand and apply to the very challenging tasks of parenting an adopted child.”

Aletha McArthur

Founder of New Growth Family Centre- Ontario Canada
“The truth that lies within revolutionizes the relationships the relationships between parents and children, building on the understanding of trauma and how it so deeply affects the human spirit. This book brings hope to the forefront, the one thing that keeps us from quitting.”

Marianne N.

Adoptive Parent
“Wow! I'm done. Read it twice. It was a blessing just to read it and it will change our lives. 

Vicki Oler.

Adoptive Parent
“Love is enough! This simple Christian truth resonates throughtout Bryan's latest book. From Fear to Love should be required reading for all adoptive parents." 

Ken Thom.

Christian Counselor, Author and Parent
“Bryan's new book is an exceptional resource for all parents, not just adoptive parents." 

Dr. Kelly James.

Professor, Christian Counselor, Author and Parent

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Excerpt: An emotion is energy in motion. There are only two states for this: thriving and surviving. A "feeling." however , is the cognitive perception of an emotional state. This means that your brain translates its perception of the energy shift into a feeling. So, your brain takes your emotion of love or fear and interprets it as "I feel happy." "I feel angry," "I feel jealous," and so forth. Many people find this difficult to grasp because we have a tendency to believe that anger is a primary emotion. Anger, however, stems from fear Hate stems from fear. Jealousy stems form fear. Take a minute to think about that.
"This is a book I will recommend to anyone who has a child with severe behaviors. This is a book I wish I had when I met my son through the foster care system a few years ago. This book is such a powerful tool for all those parents who are struggling and do not know what to do."

Fanny Magier.

Adoptive Parent
“Bryan tells us that "healing happens in the home" and "the biggest difference in a child's life is a well regulated parent." This book will give people confidence in themselves as parents and to trust their own loving instincts."

Jean Belton.

UK Adoption Professional, and Adoptive Parent
"Fear to Love is a small book packed with powerful parenting. Every line packs a punch! These tools, if practiced, can bring deep change for any family! The more difficult our family dynamics, the greater the motivation to make a change and this book inspires not only small changes, but complete transformation" 

Wilma Ice.

Adoptive Parent
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